Time For Change

First recorded in 1990/91 this was my first CD. It was wrtiten under the group name of "League of Gentlemen" (LOG) as I was assisted by a fellow military officer and Jill - plus it's the name of one of my favourite films.


I drew the cover and it depicts my fellow RAF aircrew as the pawns protecting the General and politicians.


But LOG has since become the name of a TV comedy series so I have brought the album under the Season3 umbrella and updated the sounds/arrangement without loosing the feel of what the original sounded like - hope you enjoy it.



(especially in ancient Greece or Rome) a building used for musical performances. A dark beginning coming out into the light.

Time For Change

Dedicated to all RAF air and ground crews who served in the 1991 Gulf War - samples are attributed to BBC and ITN News

The Hermit (feat. Katie Thomas)

Jill wrote this lovely poem so I set it to music - very meloncholic and sung beautifully in 2017 by our hairdresser Katie Thomas. Lyrics here.

Music For A Snowy Day

The original track in this position on the Album was Lucifer - an Alan Parsons Project cover - but this time I didnt want any licence hassles so replaced with a peice I wrote in 1983. One day it snowed so heavliy I couldnt get out of the village in central Yorkshire drive to my RAF base and so was stuck at home and wrote and recorded this outrageously simple peice. It effectively only has one chord and has refernces to my home on the East coast of Yorkshire.

Music of the Spheres

the celestial music supposed by Pythagoras to be produced by the regular movements of the stars and planets

Influenced by Vangelis

Wings of War

Dedicated to an ex colleague - Squadron Leader Gary Lennox - who was killed in action during the 1991 Gulf War.  Samples are attributed to BBC and ITN News

Life (feat. Alice Rose)

The opening and closing section (spoken by Jill) was quoted by Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister until 1990) in a national newspaper and it inspired me to write this song and sung in 2017 by Alice Rose. Lyrics here


In 1991 our son Toby was 3 and this peice was inspired by the fact that after Jill said goodnight to him we had some time of our own before she said goodnight to me. Now in 2017 Toby has been replaced with our grand daughter Evie Joy and I have added orchestration. Back in 1991 when this was effectively the last track I recorded for over 20 years it encoraged me that there was still more to acheive and persue in this wonderful hobby. When I completed this in 2017 I came away with exeactly the same feeling.



To Jill for the lyrics on The Hermit, guitar on Odeum and encouragement. Toby and Robin for critiques. Alice and Katie for the vocals. Graham Cochrane of Recording Revolution and Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner for helping my mixes get tons better and Ian Shepherd of Home Mastering Masterclass to give me the confidence to master at home. My goal is to make music I enjoy listening to and if you like it too that is a huge bonus for me.


The music is completely free to listen/download to so all I ask in return is please leave a comment (good or bad) here