Autumn Years


In 2004 Jill and I were walking through some local woods in the Autumn and she turned to me and smiled thus started my pen to write the lyrics. However, due to the events explained in Sahara Sunset below it has taken this time to have it recorded.

Up to now I usually record everything myself on keyboard but was encouraged to collaborate with other musicians and it was one of my goals with the Season3 project. It was great to hear the song evolve as each musician added their track and below is a list of all those involved in the project and a HUGE THANK YOU to them all:

BENHLMS - Drums - Ben is from Berkshire who I have yet to meet or even speak with! But due to the positive side of the internet Ben recorded the drums in exchange for me mastering one of his tracks, He also gave me feedback on the mix and I so look forward to working with Ben in the future and meeting up.


Will Scott - Vocals - Will like the rest of the "band" is from Pembrokeshire and had exactly the vocal style I was looking for on this reflective track.


Maynard Hopper - Bass - Maynard is the first bass guitarist I have ever recorded. He is a brilliant tiler and fitter, which is how we met.


Josh Deakin - Electric Guitar - I worked with Josh's dad Mike at a local oil refinery for 8 years. Josh has been accepted for the British & Irish Institute of Music (BIMM) in Bristol to study guitar later in 2019 so I better record him so more before he becomes famous :-)


Jill Ellis - Acoustic Guitar - and my very special lady who inspired the song.


Moi - keyboard parts, mixing and mastering


Recorded 2018-19 and Mastered 2019 at Sudio9


Hope you like it and if you do please leave some feedback. Bob


Sahara Sunset


In 2005 we went on a holiday to Tunisa and experienced a camel ride at sunset in the Sahara Desert which was quite surreal. 


This was the only original track that I produced between 1991 and 2017 due to family commitments/work/golf oh and building and flying an aeroplane!


Recorded 2005 and Mastered 2017