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100% satisfaction guarantee or your money returned (except additional revisions)



"I love the extended version. Its wonderful and super seamless! Thanks for showing me. Best, Whitney"

Whitney Winkler  (Light Upon The Shore) Memphis,TN


'I'm the composer and played all the guitar and banjo on this. I wanted to say nice job!' Bill (Country Wild by Ridin' Shotgun) Ottawa, Canada


"Love it" Giselle (You by Giselle) Canada





To me mixing is like taking the ingredients of a recipe and putting them together to make a cake taste (sound) good. All ingredients blending together so no one flavour (instrument/voice) is too dominant.


Check out my Mixes Page for my mix portfolio.


Mix as Delivered to me


Track is Country Wild by Ridin' Shotgun

" I'm the composer and played all the guitar and banjo on this. I wanted to say nice job!'


Check out my Mixes Page for my more complete examples


Like what you hear? I can turn your recorded tracks and produce radio ready mixes.



  • One Wave file per track (stereo or mono) starting from the beginning to end (like the green tracks in the left image below NOT the yellow or purple as the time taken to realign can be crazy)
  • Ideally record your tracks so that when the fader is set to 0 the audio levels are green or green/yellow (see right image below) - if your colour coding is different then average around -18dB Full Scale or about 50% way up the fader with the loudest part being about 75% - Avoid the red/top 25% area as there is a risk of clipping/distorting the signal
  • Keep in the recorded format - ideally 44.1/48 kHz  and 32 bit point floating or 24 bit
  • Name each track so easy to identify voice/instrument
  • Zip all files into one folder (name to include the tempo eg "My Song_44.1K_140 BPM" and send to me when we make contact via Contact Us - suggest MailBigFileFree or Dropbox

Season3 Mixing Prices (Order in the Shop)


Tracks Total Cost (£)  Delivery Time (days) of Mix 1
1 100 1
2 180 2
3 270 3
4 360 4
5 450 4
6 540 5
7 630 5
8 720 6
9 810 6
10 900 7
11 990 7
12 1080 8



  • I mix your tracks based on your brief to me and a rough mix you have made
  • Suggest a reference track to me if you have a sound/tone that you are trying to emulate
  • You have two revisions eg  I produce Mix 1 (Mp3) - you send revision - Mix 2 (Mp3) - send revision - Final Mix (24/16 bit wav + Mp3 level at about -18LUFS Integrated)
  • If you want me to master the track ready for YouTube/ Streaming Services or CD see the next section on Mastering but I normally recommend you use another Mastering Engineer to obtain a second perspective and I can recommend one for you who masters my music.