Jonathan Livingston Seagull



Inspired by the international bestseller "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" written by Richard Bach in 1970. I first composed and recorded this in 1987 and published it on cassette in 1988 with extracts used by kind permission of the author and Pan Books Limited. With modern high quality recording hardware and software I decided to re-record and collaborate with other musicians to release in 2019 on a not for profit Limited Run CD (55 Copies) available in the Shop.


For those of you who have flown, Jonathan Livingston Seagull shows that flying is for fun, but for everyone he shows you that there is more to life than the routine. I hope this short album is but one example and that you enjoy it as much as I do.


Part1 - Fly to Eat - Breakthrough - To the Far Cliffs


Jonathan is bored of flying to eat and discovers the joy of flight; but not to the liking of his Breakfast Flock and Elders and becomes an outcast to the Far Cliffs


Lyrics for Breakthrough



Part2 - Arrival in Heaven - Thought Flight


He arrives in heaven and discovers how to fly by thought


Lyrics for  Thought Flight


Part3 - Returning to the Flock - Life Goes On - Epilogue


Returns to Earth (reincarnated?) and teaches the joys of flight to a new generation of Gulls


Narrated Words: Richard Bach (c) 1970 - his book can be bought here at Amazon UK
Lyrics: Breakthrough - Jill and Bob Ellis (c) 2019 and Thought Flight - Bob Ellis (c) 1987
Music: Composed in 1987 and re-recorded and mixed in 2019 by Bob Ellis at Studio9, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK
Mastering: Ben Holmes


Sound Effects: Licenced from Zapsplat (
Artwork: Bob Ellis using Fotosketcher ( and CD Label Designer (
CD: Produced by Duplication Centre ( and not sold for profit


Thanks: Big thanks to Ben Holmes for providing live drums on each part and mastering the CD courtesy of modern communication and technology, as we have yet to meet! To Josh Deakin for electric guitars, singers Stephanie Jayne-Hills, Katie Thomas and James Smiles. To all those who narrated and a special thanks to Jill for acoustic guitar, backing vocals and the continuing support of Season3.


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