It's Only Light by Sesaon3


A journey from Earth to New Earth


This album was inspired by the desire to make a space album and videos seen on YouTube made by Hap N Stance who used imagery from the Space Engine Universe Simulator by Vladimir Romanyuk. Space Engine is an amazing piece of software and makes you realise how unimaginably vast Space is.


I scored the music to a video I made of each phase of the journey and have placed them all together as one video below. I recommend you set aside an hour and 6 minutes, put some headphones on and escape our world.


I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did and if you do please support me by purchasing a CD or download below.




It's Only Light

It's Only Light

A journey from Earth to New Earth of electronic/sampled instrumental music.
The CD has an 8 page booklet of scenes from the YouTube video
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Music: Composed, played/programmed and mixed between May and August 2020 by Bob Ellis at Studio9, Pembrokeshire, UK 

Mastering: BENHLMS


Sound Effects: Licenced from Zapsplat ( ,Ueberschall and Bob Ellis
Artwork: Bob Ellis using CD Label Designer (
Photos: Space Engine screen shots with green screen overlays and Google Earth
CD: Produced by Duplication Centre (

Voice Call Outs: SAPI 5 Microsoft Hazel (UK)
Text to Speech: Balabolka (



NASA: We Go to the Moon speech by J F Kennedy (Track 11 and 12)
Several Sampled Instruments: Pianobook Community ( especially Jon Meyer
Daisy Deighton Ellis (Age 22 months): "Herr" Sample (Track 4) and "Ch" sample (Track 11)
Jill Ellis: Ideas and continued support


Green Screen Overlays:

Space Ship Cockpit:
International Space Station Side Window: NASA
Space Ship External View: Fun Learning Channel (YouTube)
Space Ship Side Window: bestofgreenscreen (YouTube)
Rocket: Faisal HD Green Screen (YouTube)