There is a saying that the next bit of purchased gear is the one that is going to take you to the next level!


I've been there and got the t-shirt! Sure you need some basic gear but the quality of modern recording equipment is stunning compared to whenn I first dabbled in this hobby in 1981 - yes I'm that old!


However as some would be interested to see what I used to produce my music - here goes:


Room Acoustics - DIY broadband panels made from RW3 rockwool and bass traps made from rolled up duvets


Monitors - B&W DW 601 S2 on adjustable desktop speaker isolation stand


Headphones - Sennheiser HD600


Self Built quiet PC based on Intel  i5 quadcore processor, 16 Gb RAM, Solid State drives, silent PC concept ie no processor fan or power supply fan for recording - case fans used for high CPU work (mixing) - Windows 7 64 bit - compared to PCs from the 1990's - UNBELIEVABLE!


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for recording/mixing - Cubase Pro - first used Cubase in 1983 


DAW for Mastering - Studio One Pro - prefer the work flow in the Project page for mastering and using a different DAW is also part of the change of mindset for mastering rather than mixing


Steinberg UR28M Analogue to Digital Audio Interface


Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 keyboard/controller


Mics - Rode NT1A (vocals) and Audio Technica 4040 (guitar) SM58 little used so far


USB MIDI Breath Controller (BBC 2) - great for wind instruments as you know when to stop playing


Leap Motion - With Geco software


Synth Plugins:


 Effects plugins:


 Drums on Demand - great REX library drum loops