Season3 Autumn 2019 Update

Posted on 27th October, 2019

Since the release of Jonathan Livingston Seagull I have teamed up with Stephanie-Jayne, a young Pembrokeshire singer, who guested on Jonathan and the SALIGIA projects.  She wrote some lyrics when she was 14 or so and are very mature for that age and I am writing and playing the music for her songs.


So far we have recorded and mixed two songs and we are both thrilled with the results and are looking forward to presenting them in 2020 as an EP or album - can't wait :-)


Have also been mastering work for talented collaborator Ben Holmes and his tracks are on Spotify.


Also been busy sampling our upright piano and Jill's 1966 Melodica and her vocals to make Kontact Instruments to use in future projects.


Studio9 Piano

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