The main purpose of Season3 is to help make yours and my music the best it can be and I have added this page in case you'd like to find a bit more about who is behind the project.


I composed and recorded synth music in the 80's but family, work, golf, building and flying my own aeroplane took me away from that.


I spent 23 years in the RAF as a pilot and then commercially for 6 years. Due to time away from home I then worked at a local oil refinery for 8 years until redundancy in 2014 when I elected for early retirement.


As I enter the autumn of life, hence Season3, the plan is to:

  • Provide a discounted mastering service to local musicians
  • Re-record previous album projects/tracks from the 80's/early 90's with the incredible improvements in recording/sound quality and with the artistic help of other musicians
  • Help rekindle the album as an art form as CD sales dwindle and single downloads/streaming have become the norm

Being away from recording/mixing music for nearly 30 years it was time to go back to school and the great thing while I've been a way there has been huge benefits of online learning. 


Mixing like any other skill requires practice and I learned so much from Graham Cochrane at Recording Revolution after undergoing his REthink Mixing Pro course.  But then you need to practice before doing your own mixes and this is where the Dueling Mixes is a great concept. 


You are provided with all the mainly un-processed individual audio stems(tracks) and you then mix them. The real benefit though is you then get to watch videos of how Graham and his friend Joe Gilder (Home Studio Corner) did their mixes and then you vote on which you thought was best. You post your own mix on a forum and critique others in return for them critiquing yours. Great way to learn.


As of June 2018 I am also mixing songs from Produce Like A Pro (Pro Mix Academy) as I have access to the advice of multi-platinum Producer Warren Huart, which is amazing, and getting the chance to mix some great/really well recorded songs (see links below "Dueling Mixes").


Whilst it is advisory to have your music Mastered by a professional many are beyond the reach of amateur musicians. However, with the right monitoring/room acoustics/and a good ear it is possible to get respectable results at home. In fact if you do a really good job at mixing the only thing left to do in mastering is set to a commercial level and balance the levels on the album.  I underwent Ian Shepherds Home Mastering Masterclass and learned a tremendous amount.


Sesaon3  music will be electronic/orchestral melody based using many influences including Vangelis, Pet Shop Boys, Above & Beyond, Enigma, OMD, Jean Michel Jarre, Bliss and several Cafe Del Mar chillout artists. I compose music that I like listening to and if you enjoy it too then that is a huge bonus.


So with my aviation background I carry forward that professional approach with attentiion to detail to help make yours and my music the best it can be.


Look forward to hearing from you.