SEASON3 is a Pembrokeshire (UK) music project to make yours and my music the best it can be.










Recorded your own music but does it have that clarity and balance like on the radio or CD?

If the answer is" Yes" then you need no help from me but if its "No" I understand because my music was the same too. Having put in a serious amount of time to improve my own mixing and mastering I'm now in a position to help you, in particular local musicians, who do not have the spare time to master those skills (pun intended!).


Please check out my mix portfolio (which I have mastered) and I look forward to helping you make your music the best it can be with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



"Thank you to Benhlms Music and Bob at Season3 for the amazing mixing and mastering!"

Deft Color, Delaware, USA "Deft Color" LP

" exceptional job mastering."
Adam Rogers, Brisbane, Australia "Sunshine and Sadness" EP

"I love the extended version. Its wonderful and super seamless! Thanks for showing me. Best, Whitney"

Whitney Winkler  Memphis,TN (Light Upon The Shore) - Mix


"I just listened in the studio both quiet and really loud. IT SOUNDS AMAZING" - BENHLMS (Did it Your Way) - Master


"Bob, your master of "Red Sun" is definitely in the same ball-park as mine" Ian Shepherd - Professional Mastering Engineer (Keane, King Crimson, Deep Purple, Culture Club)




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