SALIGIA (Seven Deadly Sins)



In 1994 Jill wrote a poem called Sandstone when she saw TV reports on the horror of the Rwandan genocide. This sparked off an idea to research the Seven Deadly Sins and a poetry project unfolded.  I promised her one day that I would write some music to bring the seven fantastic poems to life.


It has only taken 24 years but I usually keep a promise!  In February 2018 I asked Jill to give me a brief with some clues about atmosphere and tempo etc and then I read the poems and scoured sound effects to trigger the creative process of composing the music to fit the poems before recording the spoken vocals.  It was a very pleasurable journey as the music and the riffs/melodies seemed to flow.


With the help of  family and friends (Phil, Toby, Steph, Carey, Robin and Nick) the poems came alive by August 2018 and we are thrilled with the result and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We made a limited run of 50 professionally made CDs and are available from our shop for £5 plus P&P


Please leave a comment on the feedback page and tell us your favourite.


Superbia - Pride - Hunter (feat.Phil Brock)


Brief - Upbeat/Jungle Atmosphere. So used human/natural jungle sound effects and tried to create a chase/hunted feel.


Lyrics Here

Avaritia - Greed - Need or Greed? (feat.Toby Ellis)


Brief - Cockney Barrow Boy type/Upbeat. I went for a London market vibe using cash registers to add to the percussion (not original I know - Pink Floyd's Money - but I think it works). 


Lyrics Here

Luxuria - Lust - Crazy Paving (feat.Stephanie-Jayne Hills)


Brief - slow/ethereal/breathy vocal. A simple pad, pizzicato bass/cello was my statring point and then I just added interest as the track progressed - a bit of Enigma/Above & Beyond influence.


Lyrics Here

Invidia - Envy - Poison Ivy (feat.Carey Freeman)


Brief  - none for the music.Spoken with envy/suspicion/sarcasm but "I'm Ok youre gone" at the end.  I made my own ivy growing sound effect (credit card scraped on my 2 day stuble!) then set up buiding the track up and ending with a feeling of hope and being settled.


Lyrics Here

Gula - Gluttony - Chip Shop (feat.Robin Ellis)


Brief - none. As this is a humourous take on Gluttony I wanted to make it bouncy but end with a serious note hence the sound effects at the start/end. I love the Pet Shop Boys when they attack subjects with humour and so this pays homage to their style - I wonder if they would have a wry smile at this?


Lyrics Here



"Love it! Love it" BB Skone Pure West Radio

Ira - Wrath - Sandstone (feat.Nick Lambe)


Brief - Somber/ethereal spoken from point of view of a UN Peace Keeper witnessing the aftermath. Being based on the Rwanda genocide of 1994 I wanted to introduce a happy village feeling then the genocide followed by a slow recovery back to normality (if ever it could!).


Lyrics Here

Acedia - Sloth - Stonewashed Blues (feat.Stephanie-Jayne Hills)


Brief - Humourous take on Sloth. I remembered a jeans advert in the 80's (?) that took place in a launderette so I decided to replicate it. The wash going back and forth drives the music nicely and I wanted to make it sound bubbly and end the project on a much lighter note given the subject matter of the previous track!


Lyrics Here




Words: Jill Victoria Ellis (c) 1994-2016

Music: Composed/recorded/mixed/mastered by Bob Ellis (c) 2018 at Studio9, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK


Sound Effects: Licenced from Zapsplat and Voices of Africa by Time+Space
Artwork: Designed by Bob Ellis using CD Label Designer
Painting: Hieronymus Bosch - The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things circa 1505-1510
Image from Wikapedia Commons provided by Prado National Museum - Madrid
Font: Kingthings Exeter

Paper Texture: BGFons
CD: Produced by Duplication Centre 


Thanks: Graham Cochrane & Joe Gilder (Dueling Mixes) and Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro) for mixing tuition. Ian Shepherd (Production Advice) for mastering tuition and Paul Graves at Home Mastering Hub for feedback.


Jill for writing these wonderful poems and encouragement that I was on the right path with the music.  Last but definitely not least to Steph, Carey, Toby, Phil, Robin and Nick for bringing the poems and music alive.